What Is the Link Between PFAS Water Contamination and Your Health?

pfas water contamination

PFAS, which stands for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, are toxic chemicals that are surprisingly common. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, thousands of PFAS chemicals are present in various industrial, commercial, and consumer products. These chemicals are often found in drinking water. They are commonly referred to as forever chemicals because they are hard to eliminate from soil, air, and water and can stay in your body for years. Here’s how PFAS water contamination can impact your health.

PFAS Can Lead to Pregnancy Complications

PFAS often significantly impacts pregnancy and developing fetuses. These chemicals can cause low birth weight, later affecting your baby’s physical development and overall health. If there is high exposure during pregnancy, it can also lead to a lower gestational weight or premature birth. PFAS also drastically impacts a person’s reproductive system, making it more challenging to conceive a baby.

PFAS Can Damage the Brain

Chemicals like PFAS accumulate in the body. Some organs, like the liver, tend to accumulate more of them than other areas, like the brain. However, it’s crucial not to downplay these chemicals’ impact on the brain because they cross the blood-brain barrier. Certain areas of the brain accumulate more PFAS than others. Scientists know that the hippocampus and hypothalamus do accumulate more than other areas. PFAS in the brain can lead to cognitive disorders, developmental delays, and emotional dysregulation.

PFAS Can Impair the Immune System

PFAS water contamination impacts most of your body, including your immune system. They weaken the immune system, drastically reducing its ability to fight viruses and diseases. For an unknown reason, this also impacts the immune system and the effectiveness of vaccines. Individuals with high levels of PFAS in their system may get a vaccine only to realize it’s not practical at protecting them like it should be. This alteration of the immune system makes individuals more likely to suffer from illnesses and diseases, including cancer.

Other Startling Impacts

High levels of PFAS have been linked to autoimmune diseases. Thyroid disease is a common side effect. Specific organs are more likely to develop cancer, including kidney and thyroid cancer. They can cause accelerated puberty, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and they can disrupt the body’s hormones. Liver disease is also common.

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